Dagras Mwamlima

Dagras' Bio

Surnames: Dagras,Mwamlima

Nicknames: Dagda’lima#Masusuu

Birth Date April 1994

Birth Place:Mbozi Mbeya

Gender: Male

Citizenship: Tz

Residence: Songwe/Mbeya/Morogoro

*Contacts* :

E-Mail: Dagdalimasusu @Gmail .Com




Untill2019 Sokoine University Of Agriculture Studies Bsc.Agricultural Economics And Agribusiness

2014_2016 Mzumbe University .Studied Bachelor Of Accounting And Finance In Business Sectors (Baf..Bs)

2012–2014 Tosamaganga Secondary School A–Level

2008–2011thomas More Secondary O–Level

2001–2007 St Thomas Primary Level


Member Of University Students Representative Council ( *Uscr* )Of 2017/2018 And 2018/2019 Respectively

*Practised Farming Since 2005 At Mbozi District Particularly Crops Like Coffee, Maize ,Beans ,Groundnuts, Sweat Potatoes, Sunflowers Etc Gardening Of Both Fruits And Vegetable And Other Horticultural Products Like Mangoes,Banana Tress Oranges,Mchicha,Spinach ,Tembele Etc  Sugarcane At Place Named Masusu Horticultural Field.

*Cofounder Of Agribusiness Skills Page On Social Media Intended To Link Farmers With The Market ,Value Addition Of The Produce ,Storage Education ,Proper And Appropriate Technology For Farm Practices And Other Agronomics Practices

*Research Intetest*

Agricultural Marketing Trend &Input–Output Analysis Modelling Of Sustainable Development.


Language…. Nyiha(Native),Kiswahili (Native),English(Fluent),Spanish( Student)

Software… Software, Comsol

Mradi Wa Kilimo Cha Muhogo.

Bsc Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
Sokoine university of Agriculture
Dagras' skills
Farmer with experience
Software, COMSOL