Simple method for Aquaculture

WHAT IS FISH FARMING? (1) Fish farming is the raising of fish for personal use or profit. It is sometimes called fish culture.

WHY DO WE RAISE FISH? (2) By raising fish we make better use of our land and our water. (3) If you raise fish your family will have more to eat. The protein in fish will keep your family strong and healthy. Fish are tasty, like chicken, sheep and goat. (4) If your family is not too big, you will have more fish than you need for food and you can sell them at the market. (5) If your family is not too big, with more food and more money you and your family can live better. (6) But fish farming is not easy. To raise fish needs as much hard work as to raise anything else, such as maize, rice, cassava or groundnuts. (7) You will need to learn to do many things.

WHAT DO YOU NEED TO RAISE FISH? (8) You will need a piece of land where you can build a pond, or suitable water areas to build pens or keep cages;

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